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About Us

Our History 
Arctic Pearl started as a distributor of Wild Alaskan Salmon in the local British Columbia area. Since then, the business has expanded to include other wild seafood from BC and Alaska including: Hake, Roe, Turbot, Sea Urchin and Sea Cucumber.

Our Operations
Our Alaskan seafood is caught wild in Alaska and processed at our waterfront processing plant in Ketchikan, Alaska. After processing, the seafood is shipped frozen to our cold storage facilities to ensure highest quality and freshness.

Seafood caught of the coast of British Columbia come from our very own Viking Enterprise (pictured on the right). Fish such as Hake and Rock Sole are caught, processed, and blast frozen on board before being stored at our cold storage facilities.

Our Process
We strive to maintain a reputation of consistency in providing premium seafood products while operating honestly with exceptional customer service.

All of our products are rigorously graded and tracked through the whole process, from buying and freezing to packing and shipping, guaranteeing customers the finest product. Our staff pride themselves on the quality product they are producing, thus delivering superb seafood to our markets.

13080 Worster Court
Richmond, BC, Canada, V6V 2B8

Phone: +1 (604) 278 6868